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About Varied / Hobbyist Nick BarbosaMale/United States Group :iconelsa-sub-zero: Elsa-Sub-Zero
The ultimate chill couple.
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Nick Barbosa
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United States
Hey I guess you found my account, why not have a look? I do lots of stuff such as drawing, photo shopping, and making 3D art. I’m a person with way too many fandoms. Such as Super Mario bros., Mortal Kombat, Sailor Moon, Disney, Harry Potter, and probably more. Now I listen to all kinds of music except Country ewwww gross i hate it so much. For some reason i have more favorite female characters than i do male characters don’t know why but i guess it just happens. Some things i enjoy is sleeping “obviously’’ organizing things, and reading a good book “when i have time” if you ever want to talk with me feel free to send a message i’m friendly i won’t hurt ya.

My Deviantart Family- :iconxxtheswaggindragonxx: sister :icontexpool: Brother :icongalaxymouse: A close friend
Joker stamp by Bourbons3 Love Heroes And Villains Stamp by xXPariahsXx Daisy fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry nintendo gamer stamp by crazysistahs FanFiction writer by BlackRainbow2327 MK Stamp by the-ocean-sings Love furry art stamp 2 by HavickArt Sailor Uranus stamp by Kay-I Sailor Jupiter stamp by Kay-I I listen to Disney music... by ArcaneChild Sailor Moon Stamp by Cosmic-Angell Street Fighter V Chun Li Stamp by GameAndWill Catwoman by laselwoo Sub Zero Fan Stamp by SpecterBlaze Snape stamp by iruhdam OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine Gimp User Stamp by Darkwizkid Mileena stamp  #02 by Weskervit789 Break the stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed MKX Tanya  stamp by SamThePenetrator H by SamThePenetrator Batcat Stamp by SamThePenetrator Ravenclaw-Stamp by Dinoclaws XPS User Stamp by DarkSSJShinji Morrigan Stamp by Itzagual Undertale Stamp by Southrobin
An unbreedable salty demon named MegLikesCookies tagged me and i'll choose me only OC Neela

1). Post these Rules
2). Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character
3). Tag 8 other OCs/characters
4). Post their names as well as their owners

Well lets get started 

1.) Her name is Neela and she really doesn't have a full name honestly mainly cause she was created in a lab and yeah XD but she does choose her own last name it is Heiress not completely sure about a middle name yet

2.) She is not human well wait she is but she isn't; Neela is a half breed half human and half tarkatan "find out about the breed here-… ''

3.)Neela is able to morph her appearance but not like her entire body just her face; with her normal human face her eyes are a teal color but when she morphs into her tarkatan form her looks change completely. she has these sharp teeth that protrude from her cheeks example-… except she doesn't have any lips nor the cheek wounds plus the whites of her eyes turn red and her iris is yellow and a singular black slit for pupils 

4.) Her favorite color is orange "gross color i know right" 

5.) Hair color blond and it is curly 

6.) I have decided to have her exist in multiple universes so basically she isn't from a very specific fandom "well shit yeah she does mainly exists in the mortal kombat universe but i want to be able to RP with her any given thing" SHE'S A MULTI UNIVERSAL OC 

7.) She is bisexual so give er booty, boobz, or whatever else she'll accept it 

8.) Neela has powers associated with magic but even she has her limits her magic consists of healing, producing flames from her hands, and teleporting short distances

Her favorite weapon of choice of nun-chucks 

Now we shall tag some sandwiches 

xXTheSwagginDragonXx  Whirl "girl you shoulda known"

The-Purple-Room  Mutilate "i assume i spelled the name right?"

TexPool F'elsa 

kennadyxkohai  Vonne

  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Paper mario
  • Eating: Mac and cheese
  • Drinking: Milk


Colors of the Wind by Cold-Clux
Colors of the Wind
UH yeah i did steal a disney song for my title XD Shocked Face Zoom i'm such uncreative trash...... but anyway here's me new art i had quite a few difficulties with kitana's hair but after it was worth it plus i did quite a bit of work editing her face including reducing the red dark circles under her eyes along with giving her back the left side of her lip cause it was a skin tone texture and it looked a little weird to me i also removed some of the moles on her face plus gave her a monroe but enough about that so lets get to the fine details picture was  posed and created in Xnalara "HEAVILY" edited in windows photo viewer and gimp


MKX Tournment Kitana and MKX Fans- :iconromero1718: romero1718

Soul Calibur 4 Ostrheinsburg castle-   :icondeexie: deexie
Hey guys know I haven`t been active at all and I'm sorry for that but I'm trying but life kinda sucks for me right now. Also I know I still owe you guys some stuff deexie and Walsalinalover25 and I have them done its just I don't have the means to post stuff at the moment and it aggravated the fuck out of me. Plus I did manage to get something done ArRoW-4-U here's your present I had this commissioned for both me and you since we both love the outfi… "obviously i had a few changes but it still looks damn good 😃" and a VERY LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU YET AGAIN I AM SO SORRY. And for everyone else I will try my best to respond back as quick as I can and hopefully post some new art soon.
Does anybody know how to port models from Brawl Vault to xnalara? I know how to do it with Textures thats simple, and i did it once but i have forgotten. I was wondering if someone could show me how or post a tutorial. Here's the website if anyone was wondering…
Does anyone know where i can download egyptian stages for Xnalara? I need one for an upcoming project.

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If it is coloured AND finished, then submit it to the character's folder, unless it fits one of the following criteria:

:bulletred: Contains multiple characters (then it goes under Group of Two or however many other characters it contains)

:bulletred: Contains multiple females (then it goes under Femme Fatale Group)

:bulletred: Is not drawn, but is of someone wearing a character's costume (then it goes under Cosplay)

:bulletred: Is a model or skin for a Street Fighter game (then it goes under Street Fighter Game Artwork)

:bulletred: Contains a character from Street Fighter and a character or characters from another franchise or franchises (then it goes under Street Fighter Crossover)


Any artwork placed in the incorrect folder will be delayed for authorisation by us and it could also be denied!


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